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ZEO PÄG, LLC is a small company affiliated with MGM Targets that manufactures extreme thermal bow grip wraps and suppressor covers. The bow grip wrap was invented to keep the COLD off your hand during winter archery hunting, but the red hot pipe video shows it also does a great job keeping the heat away from you.


The concept is SUPER simple, and the package contains only two items: a piece of the 2mm insulating material and a roll of medical stretch tape. Installation is simple!

  • Cut the insulation sheet so it is the right length and width for your suppressor. Our recommendation for length is about 1/8” short on each end, but suit yourself! You will want 2 FULL wraps around the can.
  • Wrap the insulating material as tight as possible around the can. Trim if you need to.
  • Repeat the wrapping process with the medical tape. You can put on multiple layers if you want. When you are ALMOST done, quit stretching the medical tape tight. Cut a “tail” 3-4” long and wrap it around NOT stretched, to complete the installation. If it is stretched all the way to the end, it tries to pull itself off of the wrap. If it is loosely wrapped (at the end) it virtually disappear into the under layer wraps.

General Product Information

The insulating material is silicon based. It designed specifically to be used as insulation, but it is NOT designed to be installed/removed/installed/removed. You can do that, but OUR intent is that you put it on your bow or can and leave it there. There is a super fine DUST generated by handling it. The more you handle it, fold it, wrap it, cut it, the more dust you will have. IT WILL NOT HURT YOU. They don’t recommend you eat it, and they do recommend that you wash your hands and blow your nose when you are finished handling it. It will dry your hands and make them feel funky, but IT WILL NOT HURT YOU.

When you are done wrapping the medical tape, it will often feel “tacky”. Through use the tackiness will go away. If you want it gone NOW, the solution is to “kill” the tack with some fine dust or powder. You can use dirt, baking powder, Breeze Squeeze, baby powder, talcum powder, or you can dust it lightly with scraps of the insulating material.

This product is manufactured exclusively by ZEO PÄG. We do have volume pricing available if you need to outfit your whole team, or your whole shooting club. Your business is sincerely appreciated. DEALER INQUIRIES ARE WELCOME. Thank you!

Sales 208-454-0555 ext *102

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