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I started shooting in 2015, and have shot a LOT since then. Like 40 arrows a day. Well, not EVERY day….. I probably miss about 10 days in any given year. That clearly means that I’ve shot a LOT in the cold. And like all of you, I’ve certainly hunted in the cold. They say that necessity is the mother of invention, so here we go. NOBODY likes to hold on to a cold riser. They say that Carbon Fiber doesn’t get cold. Absolutely wrong. It doesn’t get AS cold, but it still does get plenty cold! I found myself wrapping a glove around it, or holding the string, or anything else I can find that didn’t make my hand colder.

And that brings us here. ZEO TOXON is a product that absolutely solves that cold grip problem. The riser will still be the same temperature as the ambient air, and the outside of your hand won’t be any warmer, but I can guarantee that there won’t be any cold coming through your glove from the grip!

If you check out the ZEO TOXON product page, you’ll be able to take a look at the two videos. One is with a red hot pipe (literally) and the other with liquid nitrogen at -321 degrees. These are the real deal, and the product is legit..

Another outdoor sport that encounters extreme temperatures is shooting with suppressors. Using the same core material from the ZEO TOXON bow riser product, we came up with suppressor covers. A suppressor can get hot quickly, especially on a hot summer day. Our suppressor covers help protect you and nearby objects from getting burned. No more oven mitts in your shooting bag!

I am all about VALUE, performance, customer service, and quality. If you take this product for a test drive and it doesn’t exceed your expectations, I’ll be glad to give you 100% of your money back. Thank you for your business!

Mike Gibson


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