Small Suppressor Cover


Suppressor cover for small cans.  This cover will fit cans up to 6″ in length and 1″ in diameter.  A little bit of trimming might be required, but that’s easy with a normal pair of scissors.  Check out the details below for installation instructions and more info on the material itself.


Suppressor cover for small cans.  The small suppressor cover will fit cans up to 6″ in length and 1″ in diameter.  A little bit of trimming might be required, but that’s easy with a normal pair of scissors.

We think this can cover is the best value on the market BAR NONE!  The one thing you WON’T be able to easily do with this cover is take it on and off.  We did our best to keep the cost down so the application method is meant to be applied once and left there. If you’re worried about your poor little can getting hot and wearing out, this probably isn’t the cover for you.  If you’re ready to put this bad boy on and lay down suppressive fire for a couple hours, we’ve got you covered.  As long as your can doesn’t get over about 1200° you’ll be fine.

The insulation material is about 2mm thick and we’ve provided enough to go around your can twice.  To get the length just right, trim the material to length with a pair of scissors.  Next, wrap it on there as tight as you can and do your best to hold it in place.  While holding the insulation material in place, start wrapping the coflex tape around the cover.  THE TIGHTER THE BETTER!!  We’ve found that if you start in the middle and work your way to one end and then the other, you’ll have plenty of material to get the job done.  When you’re working towards the ends, you want very little overlap from one wrap of coflex to the next.  Once you’ve got the entire cover covered, go to town!  Use it all!

When you’ve got about 6″ of coflex tape left, ease up on the tightness a little bit. For the last wrap or two, just put it on “snug”.  This will allow the tape to stick to itself which is what holds it on.  After that, just use your hand to press it onto itself really good and you’re good to go!  When you get done, the tape is going to seem a little “tacky”.  Well that’s to be expected because that’s what makes it stick to itself.  If you just can’t wait for it to go away (it will after time by the way), some very fine dust sprinkled over the cover and rubbed in will remove the tacky feeling.  If you’ve got any of the insulation material left over from your trimming, you can pat the tape down with that.  Another option is some baking powder or Breeze Squeeze…or if you’re putting this on in the field just before you start shooting like we did, you can just rub some dirt on it.

Here is a link to a short video.  We originally developed this product for bows and the archery crowd, but we think it’s going to be a direct hit for shooters as well!  ….sorry…yeah, that was lame.  Trust us, you’ll like it.

So what’s the downside you ask?!?!  Really, after the installation, there isn’t one. We’ve been testing this on cans for a couple years now with great results.  We’ve also received some great feedback from some Navy guys on some beach in VA?  I don’t know..they seemed to like it…

Lastly…if you’ve got a pair of latex gloves you can wear while installing this thing, you’ll like that really well.  There is a really fine powder in the material that tends to dry your hands out.  Don’t worry princess…it won’t hurt you.  It washes right off with water.  And if you’re planning on getting this for a Marine and he gets it mixed up with his crayons, no he won’t die.  Just tell him to wash it down with some water.  If you don’t want to take our word for it and you’d like to check out the msds sheets to get more info on this material, just shoot us an e mail at


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